Riseria Provera

Riseria Provera was born in the early ‘900 in Santhià as a pileria within Provera’s family farm. For four generations, they passed down the secrets of good rice milling and passion for the quality of its rice. Then the pileria focused on milling the classic Italian rice for risotto, such as Roma, Arborio and St. Andrea.

When Italy entered the European Community, Riseria Provera introduced new machinery for special milling, such as demi and whole milling, so as to satisfy the demands of customers across the Alps.

Since the 80’s Riseria Provera faced the market for organic production. In 2007 they installed a mill for the production of different types of rice flour, ideal for those customers who wanted a completely traced and worked in one plant product.

In 2014, thanks to continuous experimentation, a specific area for the production of Parboiled rice is created through new state-of-the-art facilities that allow the production and marketing of different varieties of rice, without alterations and ready to be enjoyed in 10 minutes.

The increasingly sought-after enhancement of the product through innovative processes leads in 2019 to the expansion of the storage and warehouse system so as to ensure availability of product processed just in time.

A wide range of products with and without gluten free declaration

  • Conventional rice

  • Special rice for industry

  • Organically grown rice

  • Parboiled rice

  • Rice flour

  • Rice semolina