Raw materials

After the receipt of raw material (paddy) and a careful check for quality and merchandise on a pilot plant, rice is stored in external silos dedicated only to raw materials.

Directly from the storage silo, paddy starts its milling process – the husking which transforms the raw material in brown rice.

This first step ensures the complete preservation of nutrients, because the friction between grain and rubber does not alter the product.

With a second light milling, brown rice becomes demi-white, an excellent product although less rich in fiber.

White rice is obtained by using bleaching which gently and in multiple steps transforms the grain and brings out the fragrance.

During the process of selection, the quality of the product is further ensured by an optical sorter; the grains are selected or discarded based on the color of the kernel’s surface. It thus ensures a rice with homogeneous and continuous quality characteristics.

As the conditions of the paddy rice may be altered by a number of factors (storage, weather and temperature), after careful consideration Riseria Provera chose N2 treatment which allows to prevent possible infestation. It is a unique process, technologically advanced, completely non-polluting or toxic.

All of the processes are performed exclusively by Riseria Provera, an additional guarantee for the traceability of products prepared in the company’s own facility.